Friday, October 31, 2014

2 months of no new clothes for a year

This month I cleaned out the closet, I realized I have so much clothes that are actually too small or so worn out I don't wear them anymore so I sent  about 5 plastic bags of clothes and shoes to UFF.  I also had some clothes and stuff for sale in the local flea market but I am thinking there is probably still some clothes I could get rid off, but maybe it has to wait now until spring cleaning time.

There was an angry article in a Finnish newspaper about the hysteria of "cleaning out" stuff in relation to this challenge and how people don't value things anymore. Yes, of course it can be "bad", however, I'm not sure it always have to do with people not valuing things. I for one finally cleaned out some stuff I had been holding on to for too long and this challenge and the flea market gave a good incentive to do so. At some point I just have to realize that even if a shirt has been my favorite when I was 14 it will just not suit me ever again (not my age, not my body either) and some of the things will hopefully be to good use for somebody else who will value it.

Here is some good rules that was posted on the challenge event's facebook wall yesterday:

1. What I buy I use
2. What I can fix I fix
3. What I need I buy second hand
4. What I don't need I sell second hand or give for reuse
5. I remember, that from old and used things new things can be made if the material were originally of good quality.


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