Friday, October 10, 2014

Detox week

Today we are finishing a week of detox. I've been wanting to try to do a detox for a while now but I also knew that I wouldn't make it without my husband agreeing to detox too. So about a week ago he voluntarily brought the subject up and said "let's do it" (I was surprised, but happy he wanted to try). We decided to follow the program on the webpage (link in Finnish) as it allowed us to eat quite a lot, we thought that a juicing detox might be a bit too much for beginners.

During the week I made some notes on my phone about how it felt. Here comes some of the comments:

Day 1

During day 1 I could still not feel any mayor differences.

Day 2

I woke up super thirsty, perhaps I had not been drinking enough water during day 1? I was also very cold after lunch as well as would have liked to eat more and suffered from sugar cravings.

Day 3

Constipated in the morning, why? Again too little water? Cold after lunch again and foggy headed.

Day 4

Finally felt lighter when I woke up. Very cold at the office but it later turned out that the battery was not on. Again sugar craving after lunch & stomach cramps mid-afternoon.

We had suffered the whole 3 days from drinking the awful tasting carrot juice until a friend of ours tipped to add some ginger in it. What a success! We did a smoothie of carrot juice, ginger, lime and grapefruit and we didn't suffer anymore.

Forgot to eat apple with dinner and forgot the evening snack (again) but was not as hungry as other days anymore.

Realized that autumn/late summer is a good time for detox as we could pick and eat our apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika's and chili's from our own garden.

Day 5

Passed as normal, but no sugar-craving neither hunger feelings.

Day 6

Felt lighter, again constipated though but definitively clearer skin (usually suffer from spots). Afternoon hungry & energy drop but otherwise ok.

Day 7 

Today! So far so good, really hungry right now but it is almost lunch time.Tonight I will break my detox by attending a cray fish party and I think the social pressure to drink a glass of wine will be too great to resist.

Anyhow, I am glad to have tried a detox week now, it wasn't that hard in the end as I imagined and after a week I am really cured from my sugar cravings (for now). All in all I think we are not eating that bad with my husband in general either, it is mostly chocolate, ice cream and alcohol (red wine) that are my weaknesses. At some point I'd like to try a juicing detox too, perhaps only for a day to start with. Perhaps I need to have a detox from social media next, a week without Facebook wouldn't be bad at all.

What about you? Have you tried a detox? How did it go?