Sunday, January 25, 2015

30 days of Yoga with Adrienne

A friend pointed out to me that Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is doing one yoga video per day for 30 days and it's free. So if you are stuck in your practice and need some inspiration, this might be it!

I have done some of the videos every now and then as I also follow my own practice, however, it is a good channel to go to when I have no other practice planned for the day.

Today I'm doing day 9;


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  3. Great videos! I only start to doing yoga, trying to do it every day, but sometimes it's too hard for me. Using your videos I liked the exercises, my fav pose is savasana, haha. I can relax in such way every day. But I should work, sadly(
    By the way, I'm also using this source for getting ome stuff for workouts, and for first time I get best yoga practice for weight loss over there. It helped to me start my trainings, makes me stronger with each day, I'm in love with yoga.

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