Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Change the World Wednesday challenge is to go outside and find something you love. I took the easy way out and documented the birds from the window, mostly because they fly away when we go outside. When we are lucky we also see some squirrels from the window and a few times we have also seen a bunny and once a fox.

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Being outdoors we also spot wildlife sometimes but it's a bit more difficult (especially with the dog around). Me and our dog like to look out the window, we are super lucky to have the forest just outside.
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  1. Wow ... you have so many birds ... I love your feeders! And your dog is so beautiful! You saw a fox? How lucky was that!! It's great to just take the time and look, isn't it? I once read that if we sit quietly in nature, the whole world will walk in front of us. I've always loved that idea and sure enough, every time that I sit and watch, I see amazing things. Thank you for sharing!

    1. That's a nice idea indeed! This day we had a lot of birds but it varies, I think they like the food at our neighbors better from time to time ;)