Friday, April 3, 2015

Stromae makes a song about social media addiction

The music video is actually quite gross at the end but message behind it is worth thinking about.

I was myself quite tired of Facebook about a month ago, and tried to do a but of a Facebook detox. I deleted Facebook apps from my phone etc. Unfortunately, I didn't manage too well with staying away from Facebook though. It's like that irritating blue bird in the music video, it demands your attention. I still haven't re-installed the Facebook apps on my phone though and I am definitely not gonna do it again. In fact there might be a few other apps that are pretty useless and time consuming on my phone....

Here is a good article with a girl who is not on Facebook, few points in there made me think about the authenticity in social media relations.

Happy Easter!

Hope you are enjoying Easter!This picture is from a few weeks ago, unfortunately it is quite dull weather today.

The Local and Organic Food fair last weekend was unfortunately a bit of a disappointment. My guess is that smaller producers and sellers cannot afford the prices for a stand so the more interesting once are not even there. Also I missed some more interesting plants at the garden section, last year I found the olive tree, this year all I could see was flower's for Easter (which is ok, just not what I was looking for).